Ridiculous! : A story-time

It’s been a tough week. Not anything particularly, just a whole lot of bad drivers on the road, combined with the at-times innate stupefying slumber in which one finds oneself after a too-short weekend and not enough booze.

BUT, two things happened today which cheered me up:

  1. I found waiting for me a box of advanced readers sent by the School Library Journal for my reading and review. (There’s only one thing that’s better in a box and that’s this):



2. This story-time program which I did this morning and which was just plain hilarious.


With no further embellishment and without further ado, I bring to you:

“Ridiculous! : A story-time.”



First I did this:




Then I added in this video by the Wiggles because Shaking Your Sillies Out is just a mandatory thing in my story-times:



Ten I did this to calm the children down again:









There is no doubt about it, Moo by David LaRochelle is just plain silly. It beautifully crafted to let the emphasis on words and the illustrations become the teller of the story. That’s all I’m saying about this book, get a copy at your library or take a look at the reading of it on YouTube:





Songs to get the wiggles and the giggles going

I simply Googled these. The idea was to find silly songs that the children could move and laugh to. They had a blast and it gave them something to do with the twitches that they seemed to have.


Gorilla in the Jungle

(this was more of a rhyme than a song):





Dr. Knickerbocker:


Here’s the video for the song:


Elephants have Wrinkles:


The video:




Book 2


On a side note for this one, it’s worth taking a look at this book and comparing it with Pat Hutchins’ Rosie’s Walk. Both books share the concept of story-telling with words but also story-telling with illustration.



Some more songs for the twitchies:


Oh I wish I were:


Here’s the tune of the song if you need it- you can pretty much pick any options you want:




Jello on a Plate:


So I did Jello on a Plate as a rhyme but here’s a song version:




The Little Green Frog:


The tune:




Last Book



Now, if you have not read The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak, take a look at this video:



I deliberately waited to make this book the last one because things can obviously get a little crazy with it.


In retrospect, I think that making this one the first book may have helped to warm up the audience and get them in the mood for being ridiculous. By the end, children were into the theme, but it did take a few songs to get them loosened up. This would in fact be a better way to get them started than to finish up.

The children LOVED this book (I cannot stress how much).


After this final book we went into parachute time because who doesn’t want to do that? Right?


Then we finished up with a craft.

Mine was something like this but bigger:


I also added glitter to mine because everything is better with it, and also who doesn’t like to mix children and glitter together?

The children then promptly went to the staff at the Reference Desk to check out any and all items we had on moustaches.


Overall, this story-time worked great. As I said I may re-order the sequence of the books for next time but the children LOVED this and the parents got a kick out of it too.


Take whatever you want to use and good luck!








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