Breakfast Story-time on a rainy day

This morning was a rainy, rainy day here in Houston, TX and so I was not sure about the numbers for my story-time program here at Tomball Library. Fortunately what happened today was AWESOME. Families did brave the torrential downpour that happened to occur at the exact moment that my program started. And, best of all instead of my usual 30 + children plus siblings and parents, I had a beautiful group of 20. And, we did an awesome theme….BREAKFAST (because basically if you do not like breakfast there is something medically wrong with you).

So, without further ado, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Take whatever you need and want to use and enjoy!







First book:Slide6



Next Book:Slide11



Last Book:







Our craft and activities for the day were really fun too:




And yes, I served breakfast. I did some bananas and some jelly on toast. But if the group had been larger it may have been easier to serve muffins and grapes or something quicker even.


This worked beautifully. The children were all interacting and singing. They loved the breakfast and they responded well to the activities.

Well worth the effort.


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