Cinco de Mayo and beans as well!

Who doesn’t love Cinco de Mayo? It’s a time of eating, dancing, wearing huge hats and celebrating. (Actually, if you’ve ever been to a Melbourne Cup race, you may relate).

This week we did Cinco de Mayo at my Pre-school story-time. Granted we did it a couple of days before May 5th but hey, who’s counting?

This was a bright, vivacious and beautiful story-time that the children seemed to really enjoy. It was longer than usual but it was so much fun.

I’ve included in this post the link to the Mexican Hat song. We used a sombrero and danced around it in a circle as a group and the children used egg shakers as maracas. It worked really well for us.

At the end we did a number of activities. To be clear, they were:

  1. Children made maracas from plastic Easter eggs, rice, masking tape and plastic spoons. I got this idea from Pinterest here.
  2. Children got a coloring sheet
  3. They made helped to put the correct colors on the Mexican flag using glue and      scrap paper
  4. They played pin the flag on the country (obviously Mexico)
  5. We did a photo wall and played some traditional music from Mexico. Children got to wear sombreros and dance at their own free will.
  6. We had some Mexican beans as a snack


So, without further ado and with no fuss. Here is the story-time. Use it as you’d like.



















Here is a link to the song!








Here are some pictures:


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