New Children’s Picture Books! Yay!

So, it’s that time again where new children’s picture books have arrived and there are a few to watch out for. Here is a brief review. Enjoy!



Here it goes:




Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise in the Night

by Kallie George

Image result for duck duck dinosaur a noise in the night

This is a follow on tale from Duck, Duck, Dinosaur by the same author. This time, Flap, Feather and Spike learn about noises in the night. The books gives some interesting solutions to the scary noise that the trio hear, but in the end, the joke is on Spike. This is a short and funny tale suitable for ages Preschool to 3 years.




If Your Monster Won’t Go to Bed

by Denise Vega

Image result for if your monster won't go to bed

In the same theme of ‘bedtime,’ this is an adorable tale; a step-by-step guide to putting your monster to bed. From brushing fangs, to reading a scary story, to singing a screechy lullaby. The protagonist has some interesting ideas and is knowledgeable about monsters, (but not dragons, werewolves or zombies). This book is a little wordier than Duck, Duck, Dinosaur but makes a funny tale for ages Preschool to 2 years.




Queen Dog

by Bridget Heos

Image result for queen dog book

Queen Dog has it all. Servants that prepare her food and give her toys. She sits on a lavish throne and is Queen of the Home. Until one day baby Catherine arrives and Queen Dog’s world is turned upside down. This a sweet, short read for children ages 4 to 8 years and introduces the topic of a new baby coming into the home.




Heart to Heart

by Lois Ehlert

Image result for heart to heart book

This is a book aimed at Preschool to age three, but it is just plain cute to read for all ages. There is very little description here and you’ll have to look inside, but notice the play on words and letters to give a special message to those that you love. If you see this, take a moment to look inside.




Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians

by Jason Carter Eaton

Image result for great, now we've got barbarians

This book is so much fun. If you are trying to teach the value of cleaning up to children, then this is your book. Aimed at Preschoolers to age 3 years, this is a quick story with a great point. The pictures are awesome, the tale unique but funny, and the moral well-made. Definitely a story-time book and a good laugh.




A Season to Bee

by Carols Aponte

Image result for a season to bee

This is a book aimed at ages 3 to 5 years. If you happen to be doing a theme on colors with your child; or you would like to highlight the concept of the importance of being yourself; or perhaps you are doing a story-time on bugs, this is a great book to cover all three topics. It’s rhythmic and quick and so very engaging.





This house, once

by Deborah Freedman

Image result for this house once

What a sweet story. It covers the idea that everything came from something. In this case, the door from an Oak tree, the roof from rock, bricks from mud, etc. It is again, a short tale aimed at ages 3 to 5 years. It’s a great catalyst for discussion with a child about how things in nature could be used to build. A great book for our Summer Reading 2017 theme.



So there we have it, a quick review of some new books to look out for! Enjoy reading them for yourselves and reading them to your children.




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