A Camping Good Time (story-time)

So it’s leading up to the long weekend and it’s that beautiful time of year where it’s not too hot yet to go camping. I have plans, my story-time parents have plans and it was well and truly time to do and romping good story-time about the great outdoors anyway, since we’ve done so many other things.

A colleague did a Camping themed story-time with toddlers before and commented on how great it went, so I was pretty confident about this one. And sure enough it was so much fun! I got someone to bring a tent, I made a little faux campfire out of paper towel tubes and cardboard.

It looked something like this:


Campfire Activities Every indoor camping adventure requires a fire, right? I mean you need to sing songs, roast marshmallows (huh?), chat under the stars (how?). Get full directions on doing all three of these things here. Ah, I cannot wait for the outdoor camping season to begin! Have you tried indoor camping before? I'd love to hear additional suggestions!:

Here’s a link from Pinterest.


I did find an awesome campfire video on YouTube here, and showed it while the children did a craft to slow things down.


Here is the story-time and picture of the craft we did. Help yourself. This worked great!


First I did my opening song and stretches.








Here was a craft that we did today:


I bought marshmallows and put them on sticks for children to pretend to roast by their fires.


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