Picture Books ready for the Big Summer Blowout

So, more new books have come in ready for the big summer blowout we’re expecting.

So without further ado, here are some gems for your littlies. Most of these are aimed at toddler and preschoolers through to third grade, and they are just plain great.

Take a look!

The sheep Who Hatched An Egg

by Gemma Merino

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This is a lovely little tale about Lola the sheep, who is very concerned about the state of her own wool. When it is cut off, Lola is sad and embarrassed by her looks. But she soon realizes that her wool can be useful to the egg which falls from the tree and finds a comfy, warm home with the sheep. This is a sweet tale which teaches about the value of love and kindness over vanity and materialism.

I am doing a story-time on eggs this week and will be sure to add this sweet story.

Aimed at preschool age.



A Good Day for a Hat.

by T. Nat Fuller

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A few weeks ago I did a story-time on hats at a local child care center, and this would have been a wonderful addition. Mr. Brown the bear is going out with his hat on but each time he opens the door there is an opportunity to wear another type of hat. From Chef’s hat to rodeo hat and magic hats galore, Mr. Brown has a hat for everything.

This book would be great for toddlers and preschoolers.



Dogs in Cars

by Felix Massie and Emmanuelle Walker

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Well this is a great book for dog lovers. It’s catchy and rhyming and covers many topics. The dogs are listed in alphabetical order, there are lots of things to see in the illustrations, there are many different breeds of dogs covered. In the back the book sets the task of looking for various things (total animals, dogs wearing collars, red cars, traffic cones, etc). This is a great book to bring home to your children but may be a little long for story-times.

This one would be great for toddlers through to second (maybe even third) grade.



Daddy Cuddle

by Kate Mayes and Sara Acton

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Just in time for Father’s Day, this little gem is a lovely book that parents of young children could definitely relate to. Little bunny tries everything to wake daddy up and get his attention, with hilarious results. It’s a sweet ending to the book and it’s nice to see another loving tale which encourages and highlights child / father relationships.

Age recommendation is preschool to 3rd grade.



Rutabaga Boo!

by Sudipta Bardham-Quallen

Product Details

This is a great story with very few words and fantastic illustrations by Bonnie Adamson. The story is about a young child and his mom, and their relationship. Mom and son play together and have a special bond. But mom has to go away and leave her boy behind with grandma. This is a great tale about the bond of love which crosses distance. Great to see such a complex topic covered so well in a picture book for children.

Recommended age is toddler and preschool.




Go Sleep in Your Own Bed

by Candace Fleming and Lori Nichols

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This would make a great story-time book for bedtime or for a farm theme. Each animal is settling down for the night but when they go to their bed, there is always someone else there. So off they trot to find their own piece of peace. Children will enjoy the animal sounds and be able to participate and recall.

Aimed at ages 3-7.




by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Product Details

Well now, this is a book that parents will definitely relate to. Lucy is NOT tired and doesn’t want a nap. She’s thinking about all the things that she’s missing out on when she’s supposed to be sleeping. Then it’s too late for a nap and dad has errands to run. What is this a recipe for? That’s right, a NAPTASTROPHE! I loved that dad was the primary care giver of Lucy and that the book highlights the small turn of events that causes Lucy’s melt down. I think parents will enjoy this more than the children but it is aimed at ages 3-7.



Bird, Balloon, Bear

by Il Sung Na

This is a short and sweet story about making friends. When bird sees bear and wants to say hello he finds himself too shy. It’s not long before bear makes friends with someone else (in this case something else- a red balloon). But when balloon goes up, it’s bird’s chance to show himself and make a friend.

Aimed at ages 2-5 years.




Hats Off To You

by Karen Beaumont

This is another great book for a hat themed story-time but also for Mother’s Day. Emily, Ashley, Kaitlyn and Claire are up to something, but it’s a secret. They do need hats though and so off they go to the fair to Chez Chapeaux for a shopping excursion. The book is very sparkly and cute and the ending is lovely. LeUyen Pham, illustrator of The Princess in Black and Real Friends, provides us with the art in this book…and yes, it is as fabulous as the front cover suggests!

Aimed at ages 4-8.





The Giant Jumperee

by Julia Donaldson

What a lovely book. The Giant Jumperee is in rabbits burrow and he’s very scary. So scary in fact that rabbit, cat, bear and elephant are too scared to get him out and face him. That’s until Mama Frog walks over to see what’s really going on. The illustrations by Helen Oxenbury are beautiful, and the story is a funny tale about facing one’s fears.

Great for ages 3-5 years




I Don’t Draw, I Color!

by Adam Lehrhaupt












Lehrhaupt, author of I Will Not Eat You and Word Play, brings us another great picture book I Don’t Draw, I Color! It’s a fabulous tale about the art of expressing oneself in different ways, in this case with color. It teaches children about feelings and how to express them through art and it talks about the complexity of emotions and concepts of self. Great illustrations by Felicita Sala.

Another great read from Lehrhaupt whose works I always find to be very clever.

Aimed at ages 4-8.



There you have it! Some more reading material to peak you and your young reader’s interest in time for the sizzling summer months. I have a stack of new books on my desk to look through so stay tuned for more! 

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