Some Summer-rific Reads for Children

It’s definitely summer, because every time I blink there is a HUGE stack of picture books just in. It’s that time of year that the shelves go bare with many avid readers out of school with time to peruse the library stacks.

So, without further ado, here is today’s list of new-out picture books for children. And yes, as always, they are gems.



The Flea Tastics

By Lisa Desimini

Aimed at preschool to grade three, this funny and insightful story is about Serafleana the great jumping flea. All Serafleana wants is an opportunity to show her skills as a great jumper. Her family has other plans for her to be a part of The Fleatastics, a pyramid acrobatic troupe performing on the dog. But when mayhem hits the flea circus, Serafleana finally has an opportunity to show her stuff.

Look for the fabulous illustrations, especially the running commentary by all of the other fleas.

A very funny read.





By Emily Gravett

Tidy by [Gravett, Emily]

This is a great book for preschool to grade three. It is about Pete the badger, who likes to have things tidy. However, when Pete tidies a little too much, there is a lesson to be learned about the value of natural chaos and enjoying the world as it is.

The illustrations are fantastic, especially the facial expressions of the other animals in the forest.




A Letter to my Teacher

By Deborah Hopkinson

A Letter to My Teacher by [Hopkinson, Deborah]

This is a lovely story. It is about a child writing a letter to her teacher and recounting not only the value of the lessons taught by the teacher, but also recalling the creative and individual character of the child. I could really relate to this book because I too was this child and I too had some fantastic teachers whom I would love to thank. This story encapsulates how important strong role models are in the lives of our children and just how far a little love, empathy and care can go.

Recommended ages: 4 – 8 years.





Sometimes It’s Storks

By L.J.R Kelly

Sometimes It's Storks by [Kelly, L.J.R.]

Babies arrive by many different means, and this book seems to address all of them. From storks, to snappy crocodiles, to kangaroos and monkeys at a zoo. The baby does arrive at its parent’s house….eventually.

A fun read with great illustrations by the Brothers Hilts (Ben and Sean), the age recommendation for this one is 3-7 years.





By Rob Sanders

Rodzilla by [Sanders, Rob]

Behold the giant Rodzilla in all of his glory. Creating havoc wherever he goes, climbing thundering towers and terrorizing the city of Megalopolis. There’s nothing that can defeat him!…except maybe a sharp point. Thank goodness for mom and dad who save the day.

Age recommendation is 4-8 years.

This one is a lot of fun.



Enjoy these reads over summer. There’s going to be plenty more where these came from!






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