What’s Your Favorite Color?


In May the world was given a fabulous new children’s picture book written and illustrated by Eric Carle…and friends. The friends? A conglomerate of writers and illustrators who have put together a wonderful explanation of their favorite colors.

What’s Your Favorite Color? is a bright and beautiful collection of pages by: Bryan Collier, Mike Curato, William Low, Etienne Delessert, Anna Dewdney, Rafael Lόpez, Lauren Castillo, Philip C. Stead, Yuyi Morales, Melissa Sweet, Frann Preston-Gannon, Jill McElmurry, Marc Martin, Uri Shulevitz and of course, Eric Carle.

Naturally, the pages are bright and…colorful…

Each artist has placed their special mark on their page, including their particular style of writing and illustration. The colors are broad ranging and well explained to children. The book is not long, but long enough to have some descriptive power and demonstrate writing in different forms (simple paragraphs, forms of poetry, etc.).

The stories behind each creator’s favorite color are sweet and often reminiscent of good times, recalling for example, blue balloons bought for a child, flowers picked on the way to grandma’s house, old neighborhoods, and favorite outfits.

This is a sweet book and is great for a read-aloud or a quiet reading time one-on-one.

Recommended age is 4 – 8 years.





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