Bear Likes Jam…and me too!

Bear Likes Jam by [Gavin, Ciara]

A recent addition to our new bookshelf is Ciara Gavin’s Bear Likes Jam.

This is a wonderful story about Bear who likes jam a little too much. He sneaks it when he’s not supposed to, he does not eat his veggies and he forgets to share it with his friends, the ducks. When Mama Duck puts her foot down and insists that Bear needs a balanced diet, his friends come together to show him that there are more great things to eat than jam.

This is a children’s picture book about eating right, but about friendship too. Bear’s friends come together to support Bear as he struggles with his challenge, and in the end, Bear comes to learn that jam, like friendship, is best shared.

This is a sweet story and one to look out for. It is recommended for children ages 2-5 years. Please take a moment to really look at Gavin’s illustrations, especially of the ducks, who are in fact very comical.


A really nice read.






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