Long Way Down

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This absolutely brilliant book was something I managed to snag this year at the American Library Association Conference along with a wonderful autograph for my close friend hippmamajenn, a brief and lovely conversation with Jason, and this awesome selfie:



Jason Reynolds brings us Long Way Down, the story of Will, whose brother has been killed in a gang related incident. Will is bent on retribution based upon the rules:

  1. No crying
  2. No snitching
  3. Revenge 

Will knows, like he knows, like he knows who is responsible for Shawn’s death, and the only thing between that person and himself and the gun he has tucked into the waistband of his pants, is an elevator ride.

Set over the course of seven floors and a minute, Will must decide which track his life is about to take, and the ghosts of his past are hell-bent on showing him the way.

That’s all I have to say about that; the book is set for publication in October 2017 and hopefully you are there to get a copy yourself.

This is a powerful, timely story; haunting, emotionally ravaging and extraordinarily poignant. It is a brilliant piece of literature that gave me chills to the end (and the ending is amazing in that all-too familiar Jason Reynolds way).

I absolutely adore this book and hope you will too.


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