Artemis by Andy Weir


If you read and loved The Martian by Andy Weir, you will not be disappointed with Artemis, but you need to know that the two books are not one and the same…which is good…they shouldn’t be.

The Martian is a hard act to follow. The movie was a great success with the ever-loveable Matt Damon as Mark Watney and action-packed enough to have us sitting on the edge of our seats. If you read the book, then you will appreciate the mathematical effort that Weir makes in explaining the crap out of everything that goes on. Mathematical nerds abound loved this one, and loved to pull it apart in any way they could find. And the rest of us appreciated the effort…and trusted that Weir got it right.

In Artemis the novelty of outstanding and outlandish science continues.

The story is about Jazz Bashara who is a sassy, kick-ass criminal (well…sort of…but also loveable). The thrill is that she lives on a moon colony (Artemis– named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon [I knew those Mythology classes would be useful somewhere]), and must operate in unusual environments. Jazz has debts to pay and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, even if it means messing around with the enterprises of one of the most prominent and powerful crime-operated organizations on the moon, and taking a major part in corporate sabotage. A little outside of Jazz’s comfort zone, but hey, money is money.

The story is great, although it took a second for me to get into this one, once the plot warmed up I was definitely up late reading until the wee hours of the morning to find out the ‘what next’. Weir delivers a story that is believable and relatable, and interesting too. It would make for another great action packed movie, with a strong female lead.

For me, I would like to see the character of Jazz developed a little more. Sure, she is awesomely witty, quick, intelligent and a bit naughty to boot, and there is a great father / daughter story line too. However, Jazz’s character seems to match that of many lead women in movies / tv / books today and as of late, I have seen lots of Jazzes. This didn’t take away from the book and my enjoyment of it, but I’d like to see her brought to life again elsewhere with a little more definition.

Overall, I think readers will enjoy this book. It is well written and flows nicely, the pacing is great and it is not an ‘easy guess’ ending.


This is due to be published very soon in November 2017 (yes, that’s coming quicker than you think- can you believe it’s July already?)


I thoroughly enjoyed this, will read it again, and will highly recommend it.

Weir has a wacky and quick sense of humor, and it sure comes out in this latest great novel.




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