Children’s picture books to hound you

Three newbie picture books on dogs below. Looks like a fun story-time may be coming my way! Check out these ones they are very clever and super cute for the kiddos.


Raymond by Yann and Gwendal Le Bec


Image result for raymond le bec

This adorable story is about Raymond, the dog who wants to be like the humans in his house. It starts with eating dinner at the table with the family and ends with Raymond becoming a super star. But with all of the conundrums that Raymond gets up to, the important lesson is to appreciate the little things in life. Raymond is a tale about just being.

The illustrations are great, bright and colorful and the text is funny and on-point.

This is a great read for ages 3-7 years.



Teddy the Dog (Almost) Best in Show

by Keri Claiborne Boyle and Jonathan Sneider

Teddy is a dog who has confidence in himself. He has pizzazz; he’s top of the game; he’s an awesome show dog. Other’s may not share his enthusiasm, but that doesn’t stop Teddy from showing his true colors.

The illustrations in this one are hilarious, Teddy has definite character and the story is a great tale about just being yourself, no matter what.

Recommended for ages 4-8 years.



Poor Louie by Tony Fucile

Okay, this is absolutely the best book ever. It’s adorable. Louie is a little dog who is beloved by his family. But his mother’s friends bring their babies to the house and Louie does NOT want to play. He doesn’t like babies AT ALL. When his mom’s belly get’s bigger and bigger, Louie anticipates THE WORST, especially when every thing is doubled and it looks like there will be not one but two new additions.

Louie is doomed.


This is a fantastic book with an unexpected ending.

The illustrations are great, the story is divine.

Great read for ages 3-7 years.



Enjoy these three quick reads with your children and be sure to add a doggy themed story-time to your collections with these.




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