This is a Ball

If you loved The Book With No Pictures or Did you take the B from my _ook? you are guaranteed to get a kick out of Beck and Matt Stanton’s This Is A Ball.

Books That Drive Kids CRAZY!: This Is a Ball by [Stanton, Beck, Stanton, Matt]

I tried it with my story-time group and never before have I seen children go absolutely crazy like this. I saw this first on my Library’s new books shelf, but my friend Jacquie beat me to it in reading it to my daughter (who is as sassy as they come and knows books!). She went nuts over this one.

Children will have a blast, insisting that they are in fact looking at an elephant, not a dog like the book suggests, and NO! that is NOT the beach! Or will tell you all about how wrong you are about the princess and the monster (which are reversed).

If you would like a romping read with your children and a silly time in story-time, pick up a copy of this book. It’s fun all around and will have your children in fits.

Age recommendation is 4 – 6 years but older children will get a kick out of this.





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