Do like pizza? This is the picture book for you!

A quick blog about this fun picture book that’s not newly published but definitely deserves accolades.

Hi, Pizza Man by Virginia Walter with illustrations by Ponder Goembel is a fun and witty way to engage young readers in a silly tale.

Our young protagonist is hungry and impatient while waiting for the pizza delivery man. Mom assures her that the food will be here soon, but asks what our young Vivian will say to him when he arrives. Thus ensues a fun game of “what if…” which introduces to children animal sounds, imaginative possibilities and an honest sense of politeness.

This would be a great story-time book and my library colleague Amanda is going to give it a try.

The illustrations are lovely with great attention to detail and beautiful colours. And the story is snappy, and therefore a great quick read which is sure to keep bottoms in seats for at least 5 minutes (and we all know how valuable books that do that really are).

Check out this wonderful picture book which gave me a huge smile.


Recommended ages are for 4 years and up (but younger one’s will love it).

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