New Picture Books!

Here I am again going through the new picture books arriving into my library. Here are some lovely little gems that are new in and worth your time. After all, who can resist a well written picture book?


Here they are…


Okay, so the first isn’t exactly new new, but it’s a replacement for one that’s ripped and so I’ll mention it here because it’s adorable. It’s called:


You can get a copy HERE

Written and illustrated by Barney Saltzberg, (this is not his first creative rodeo, by the way, as you’ll see HERE), this gorgeous book shows children how any mistake can be changed into art. Bright and colourful and creative, this wonderful book is imaginative and eye catching. It’s got texture and layers and it’s just plain pretty to look at. This is a fantastic book for children 3-8 years and would be a great story-time book for an art theme.



The next book is:


I couldn’t resist this one because I am, after all, Australian. This is wonderful. It’s written by Elizabeth Honey and you can get a copy HERE. The age recommendation is 4-7 years but this is easily readable to younger children. The animals move and groove the day away with this silly movement book. It’ll be a great story-time read for a theme on moving the body. The wording is simple, and the illustrations are lovely. This is another colorful and happy book and great fun.

If you happen to be teaching your child to read, this would be a great book to practice phonics.



Our next book is this:


Grab a copy HERE

This one is recommended for ages 3 and up and will be great for a family with a new baby. The wording is excellent and sweet but the illustrations by AG Ford are classic and beautiful. On a personal note, I read to babies A LOT and I’m always happy to see a book that doesn’t end with the easy-to-go-to-with “kiss and put to bed” ending (it seems that writers of books for early childhood perpetually want the babies to be comatose and so therefore end every book with “a kiss from mommy and go to sleep”). This book should be noted for showing a wide selection of family arrangements, mixed parental responsibilities and a good representation of racial demographics.



Next book is:


This one is written by Susan Hood and illustrated by Jay Fleck. You can get a copy HERE.

The writing and illustrations in this book are great and again it’s great for pre-school story-time. Rather than a classic book of opposites, this one focuses on perspective. What is near and what is far? It depends upon where you are standing and where you are! Who is weak and who is strong? Well, there is always weaker and always stronger, so everyone is both.

This book is a great introduction for children to the concept of perspective from both a literal and metaphorical sense. Keep an eye out for this one, it’s clever.



Our last book is this one, and this one is a fun one:


Get it HERE.

This one is fun and funny. What happens when Billy Bloo gets stuck in goo? Well, his friends come running to rescue him, with disastrous results. It’s a classic take of too many people with good intentions getting stuck in sticky situations, but it’s still as funny as always. Again, the illustrations from Ross Burach are colourful and fun, and you’ll get a kick out of the different characters that turn up to help Billy unstick.

Recommended for ages 4-8.



That’s all for now folks but no doubt there will be more…enjoy the read.








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