Been waiting for this one….

A quick blog because it’s just after Christmas and I’m being lazy. I’ve been waiting for Oliver Jeffers’ new picture book to come across my desk at the library and today it’s finally here! It’s been highly anticipated and by all accounts, the reviews have been great. And rightly so.


You can pick up a copy HERE and the cover looks like this:

This is a gorgeous story which tells us who we are and what we have to collectively contribute. The vocabulary is simple, which is great for children (this is recommended for ages 3-7 years), but reading this as an adult, I realized how complicated we as people make things. Jeffers show us how simple big concepts really are. Be kind, to each other, to animals, to the world. We are all contributing to the well being of each other and our planet and so we need to have care.

A relevant and much needed message to all of us.


Take note of the illustrations, because they are (as expected) beautiful, colourful and interesting, and humerous too.

A great read, Jeffers really delivers with this one.









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