Ferdinand and smelling the roses

It was cold, wet and wintery today and I was stuck in with a four-year-old, so what is one to do? Go catch a movie, I say!

Why not? Instead of being indoors watching tv, we can get out and…watch tv…

Nah, just kidding. Any regular movie buff will tell you about the magic of a movie cinema experience. The popcorn, the previews, all culminate in that exciting experience which seems to defy age. Old and young alike congregate to watch tv together.

Anyhow, today (having already experienced the joys of Coco and Star Wars) we set out to watch Ferdinand.

if you are not familiar with the story, Ferdinand is a fighting bull living in Madrid, who prefers to smell the roses. Literally. Ferdinand finds himself loving the peaceful life far more than the prospect of fighting. When, through a series of unfortunate events, the somewhat large and clumsy fella finds himself headed for the fighting ring, he and his friends must show the world that fighting is not always the best way to win and that not everyone is predestined to live predictably.

It’s a sweet story and actually an old tale. In fact, I for one was thrilled to see it turned into a movie, having read the book in my storytime with great success.

The movie comes with all of the comical bells and whistles- keep an open eye for the dance off and also for the fabulously flamboyant matador. But Ferdinand himself is just plain nice too, which was nice for my daughter who thought that he might be the scary sort, given his size.

You can catch the movie at any major theatre near you right now, but please also read the book. You can find it HERE and it really is a wonderfully sweet story written by Monroe Leaf. Keep an eye out for the illustrations by Robert Lawson, which also convey a comedy mirrored by the movie. The book looks like this:


This one is well worth the read and view folks.

Take the kids, go yourself…whichever, just  be ready for a great story.









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