Lighter Than My Shadow

Okay happy Sunday morning…ahem….I mean afternoon…readers, your book for the day is by artist and writer Katie Green and it looks like this:

In this fabulously illustrated graphic novel, Green recounts her childhood and the struggles that she had with severe eating disorders, emotional and sexual abuse, and her struggle to overcome taboo illness which, for Green, was often triggered by emotional demons. As a child Katie was a picky eater and developed early habits of coping with emotional struggles by controlling the only thing she could, her food. Only, as with any wicked eating disorder, Katie must come to terms with the fact that the eating disorder is controlling her. The novel is a very personal, dark, beautiful account of Katie’s journey of living with herself and accepting the beautiful that she is.

The illustrations are really quite something, simple lines, void of colour draw the eye to the story, which is often trying to describe and convey and emptiness experienced by the author. The art drives everything forward in this book, but so too does the dialogue, both spoken and thought. Green does a fabulous job of sharing with us, her very profound personal struggles.

This is a very good portrayal and a must read for those who struggle with similar issues and also those who do not. The story is very relatable. Give it a go by grabbing a copy HERE.

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