Some Yummy New Picture Books

The cart was full.

I wondered what I had done in a previous life to deserve the trial of the new books I got this morning. I had trouble steering them to my desk; the musky green metal and squeaking wheels protesting my driving skills. Muscles and sinews that had never been used before stretched and elongated under the strain. Then, amidst the depths of sparkling book covers, came the unmistakable smell of new pages. A beacon of light in the dark of the stacks.

There were many. There were so many.

But, among the masses emerged these triumphs of authorship and illustration. And to you I now feature, in this latest blog post, that which I found in my marathon of new-book-checking-in on this day.


Here we go


Around the World Right Now

by Gina Cascone and Bryony Willams Sheppard, illustrated by Olivia Beckman


round the world

Recommended for children aged 5-8, you can get a copy HERE
This book is a great reminder that there is a wide world around us and that in that world, there are things happening all over. Sounds like a ‘duh’ concept huh? Yeah, except that I know many people who seem unaware of the this fact. The book features great and colourful illustrations by artist Olivia Beckman and uses time (and more importantly time zones) to showcase the big wide world we are living in. If you want to give your children an idea of how time passes according to location on the globe, then this is the book for you. It’s lively, colourful and easily represents a complicated concept in a child-friendly medium.

Red Again

by Barbara Lehman


 Recommended for ages 4-7, grab a copy HERE
If you were a fan of Lehman’s Caldecot Honor Book The Red Book  (grab a copy HERE), then you love the sequel Red Again. The same concept is employed here as last time. There are no words to the story, just pictures, in which a young boy discovers an abandoned book on the side of the road, takes it home with him and opens a window to another world. The story is about opening the mind, finding friendship, a travelling and mysterious book, and a circular plot.

Somewhere Else

By Gus Gordon


Recommended for ages 4-8 years, grab a copy HERE

Some birds fly north, and some birds fly south. But not George. George seems too busy cooking or watching TV or playing his guitar. When winter comes, George meets Pascal and they decide together to overcome George’s lack of flight knowledge. It takes them all winter, but the world is a big place ready for their eyes!

Great story about thinking outside of the box and a good tale about friendship.




The Thumbtack Dancer

by Leslie Tryon, illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist


Recommended for ages 5-7 years, grab a copy HERE

Firstly, let’s give a shout out to Jan Spivey Gilchrist who is a well and truly accomplished artist and who really knocks the illustrations out of the ball park with this one. They are beautiful and action-filled and moving and lovely.

Then let’s address the fact that this story is about a young black man who is a dancer. It addresses the problem of lack of money for dance shoes in a great, constructive and inspiring way, with a fantastic ending. Talk about encouraging young people into the arts! It’s a fun read, it’s snappy and it will appeal to your children! Grab a copy!




I Am Peace

by Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter Reynolds


Recommended for ages 4-8 years, grab a copy HERE

This book is glorious. If you are trying to encourage peace and mindfulness in your children and develop within them the skills to balance their mind, this is a great book to read. It talks about feeling anxious and then goes through some very wonderful techniques to bring yourself back to the here and now. This is a fabulous way to introduce simple meditation to your child and to calm anxiety.

The illustrations by Peter Reynolds are AS ALWAYS divine.  I love, love, love this book.




Okay folks, back to the dark towers of new books around me ready for processing. If I’m not seen in an hour or so, send in the rescue team.

Hope you enjoy these reads!





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