Epic Fails- a children’s book about the history of flight

Check out this new non-fiction historical book about the evolution of flight. It’s for children ages 8-12 years and you can pre-order it HERE.


I will not include an image, since there hasn’t been one officially released by the publisher yet (just imagine that it’s blue, yellow and red and colourful).


The book is due for publication in July 2018 and is a fantastic read about the evolution of man-made flight, with a focus on the enterprises of the Wright Brothers.

I love reading non-fiction children’s books, they are often a great way to acquire information quickly and retain it easily. This book taught me some thing new. For example, I did not know that after the sale of the Wright Company in 1915 it was merged with another company run by Glenn Hammond Curtis, and became the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, which still makes aviation parts today. Nor did I know that Orville Wright served on Woodrow Wilson’s National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (which later became NASA).

See, interesting right?


This is an easy read, and given the interest in STEM lately, it’ll be a well-read addition to children’s non-fiction text in this subject.

Hope you like it too.

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