Meditation Park

So this weekend my nearest and dearest LEFT THE HOUSE on his motorcycle and I had HOURS of free TV viewing time without any child, person or dog clinging to me. In the midst of said time, I wondered vaguely if placing my allergy-ridden child in front of the TV in our bedroom for her own viewing pleasure was in fact terrible parenting. But then I brushed aside the concerns of the good angel on my shoulder and left my little one to her own devices.

In the midst of these hours of uninterrupted restful joy I saw an adorable movie that may easily have been overlooked in our world of blow-em-up blockbusters. I’m not a movie critic or reviewer and so I’m a little out of element here, but figured I’d post about this anyway, so you’ll maybe check it out.

The movie is called Meditation Park, directed by Mina Shum and starring (among others)  Chen Pei-pei and Sandra Oh. The premise is simple, Chen Pei-pei plays an elderly woman from Hong Kong living in Canada, who has been in a traditional Chinese marriage for a long time. Her world consists of family, home and obedience to husband. Her daughter (played by Sandra Oh) has obviously grown up in this traditional family but has found her own husband and had children. She encourages her mother to step out of traditional roles, but with much hesitation on the part of the older woman.

The discovery of an affair changes everything, forcing traditional roles and family traditions to break down and change.

Image result

The story is simple, both in cinematography, dialogue and plot. This is not a mystery, Sci-Fi, drama, thriller. This is a story of somebody undergoing a beautiful and remarkable change from a lifetime of perpetual selflessness.

Chen Pei-pei is gorgeous and Sandra Oh plays a very strong supporting part. Look for the trio of parking ladies for comic relief and the lovely side story of Gabriel, his personal loss, and the friendship that develops between them all.

This is a lovely, understated and sweet film worth your time.


I hope you watch and enjoy.



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