Misunderstood Shark by Ame Dyckman


So at the 2018 Texas Library Association Conference I went to a panel which featured many authors, one of which was Ame Dyckman, author of the brand new children’s picture book Misunderstood Shark. What I found was a wonderful author, passionate about writing, passionate about connecting to young readers through literature, and amazingly generous with her laughter and joy.

Dyckman (as well as being both jolly and colourful) is the author of this fantastic new picture book aimed at preschoolers, which is not only beautiful and bright, (with wonderful illustrations from well known artist Scott Magoon), but also a riot to read (ask my daughter Abigaile who was in stitches when I read it to her tonight).

Dyckman shows us that sharks are not really scarybut are simply trying to help others…sort of…

Dyckman introduces a story about a questionably altruistic shark, but also includes some fun and interesting facts about sharks too.

Children will appreciate the task of having to anticipate the outcome of this tale, and they will also have to think critically in face face of a somewhat unreliable narrator. It’s a humorous read which will keep young folks entertained.

This is a brand new book about to be realeased on April 24th and you can grab a copy here.

Hope you enjoy this one and I hope you appreciate the shark’s Cheshire Cat grin as much as I did.



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