The Girl in the Locked Room (no, it’s not me!)

Howdy happy readers, here’s the first blog post- post TLA about a new book due for publication in September and aimed at the 10-12 age range. It called The Girl in the Locked Room by Mary Downing Hahn.

The cover that I have on my advanced copy is this:

But according to Amazon, the finished product will look like this:

(Far creepier in my humble opinion).

The premise is simple, Jules moves with her family into a home which her father is commissioned with renovating. It’s old, its abandoned and it’s just plain weird. The house has a haunted past and unless Jules and her new found friend Maisie can help the girl locked in the room on the third floor, the hauntings will continue. Can Jules and Maisie help to reveal the events of a troubled past in the house and can they help to free the ghost in the closet?

The book has all of the elements that my ten-year-old R.L. Stine reading self would have loved, from strange sounds, violent endings and creepy dolls, this one is a classic and gothic ghost tale for young readers.

Grab a copy here but you’ll have to wait for September!





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